Dr. Gert JugertDr. Gert Jugert-Founder of the Institute

Born 17.02.1940. Commercial apprenticeship, graduated in 1954. Studied psychology in Marburg and Saarbrücken, graduating in 1970.  Since then, Mr. Jugert has worked as a specialist in psychology and educational sciences at the Bremen State Institute of School. After pilot experiments with group supervision for teachers and the introduction of training supervision for teachers ' candidates, from 1992 to 1996, as scientific coordinator, he led the model trial group supervision for teachers at the University of Bremen and A doctorate on the subject was received in 1996. He developed, evaluated and published, among others. With Prof. Dr. Petermann, a series of training manuals for behavioral training for social competence for children and adolescents. In 2000, he co-founded with Dipl. Psych. Anke Rehder the Bremen Institute of Education and Psychology (bipp). Since then, he has conducted several behavioural training sessions for social and intercultural competence with children and adolescents and gave many training courses to the trainer. At the same time, he published four more training manuals. He is a supervisor (BDP) and conducts further training on further training on the bipp. In 2010, Mr. Jugert handed over the management to his son, Dr. Philipp Jugert. However, he remains associated with the bipp as a consultant, trainer and author.  

Milestones of the Institute

1995 to 1999 Development of social training at school and Fit for Life in Prof. "s working group. Franz Petermann at the University of Bremen
1997 First edition of social training at school at PVU Beltz publishing house, Weinheim
2000 Spin-off of the bipp as GbR by Dr. Gert Jugert and Diplom.-Psych. Anke Rehder in Bremen
2000 to 2004 Implementation of Fit for Life on behalf of the Bremen Ministry of Justice to resocialise juvenile prisoners
2001 First edition of the Fit for Life and Social Competence for Young People at the Juventa publishing house, Weinheim
2002 to 2004 Development of the Fit for Differences training programme for intercultural and social competence as part of an EU-funded XENOS project
2002 Training social workers to Fit for Life in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
2005 Social training at school appears in Polish
2005 Transformation into a sole proprietorship (business owner: Dr. Gert Jugert)
2006 First edition of Fit for Differences at the Juventa-Verlag, Weinheim
2007 Holding a day of expertise to promote social competence among young people in cooperation with the University of Bremen
2009 Moving the bipp to Jena
2010 Takeover of the bipp by Dr. Philipp Jugert and move of the institute to Leipzig
2011 The bipp is a founding member of the Network of Innovative Education Programs (nib)
2012 Takeover of the bipp as GbR by Holger Hegekötter and Ralf Bornstedt and move of the institute to Münster
2013 First training to FIT FOR LIFE-Trainers in Vienna, Austria
2013 Dr. Gert Jugert, founder of bipp (2001), led for the first time as part of the Senior Expert Service Bonn for the Setgeliinuchig, Institute for Family and Psychological Education in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, a training course on trainer Fit for Life with 28 teachers, social educators and Psychologists through
2014 The FIT FOR LIFE is published in Mongolian
2014 In addition to the FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR DIFFERENCES and JOBfit, On 10.09.2014, VERHALTENSTRAINING FOR SCHULANFÄNGER, FOR GRUNDSCHÜLER and IM KINDERGARTEN were included in the Green List Prevention of the State Prevention Council of Lower Saxony.
2014 First apprenticeships on FIT FOR LIFE-Trainers in Eupen, Belgium
2014 FIT FOR KULTURELLE VIELFALT: Training of intercultural competence for young people by Dr. G. Jugert, H. Jugert, P. Notz is published by JUVENTA/BELTZ Verlag
2014 Five-year long-term evaluation of the FIT FOR LIFE prevention programme is published at the Janusz Korczak School, the funding school in Steinfurt County, NRW.
2014 From the network Innovative Education Programs, the Federal Association Innovative Education Programs is founded. (BIB) in Berlin
2015 The bipp develops new training module for pedagogical work with underage refugees: FIT FOR REFUGEES
2016 Medical day with Dr. Koglin on "Promoting Social and emotional Skills" in cooperation with Olpe County
2016 Recording of the program "Emotional Training at School" (F. Petermann, U. Petermann, Dennis Nitkowski)
2016 Märkischer Kreis launches nationwide implementation of the programs "Behavior Training in kindergarten" and "Behavior Training for School Beginners"
2016 First training on FIT FOR LIFE-Trainers in Bolzano, Italy
2017 Member of the LPR's Network for Democracy and Prevention; The bipp is active in the "Working Group on Development-Oriented Prevention & School"
2017 11. Edition of the FIT FOR LIFE is published by BELTZ Verlag
December, 2017 The bipp is commissioned by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice-State Prevention Council of Lower Saxony to design a development-oriented training manual for the primary level for the prevention of radicalization and racism.
November, 2017 On behalf of the Goethe Institute in Cairo and in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, the bipp held a three-day KICK-OFF event as part of the project "Non-Violent Education in Schools" Cairo.
March, 2018 FIT FOR LIFE-Training of social competence is published in Arabic. The translation was carried out on behalf of the Goethe Institute in Cairo.
April, 2018 For the first time, 20 social workers from the state schools in Egypt are being trained in the FIT FOR LIFE program. The bipp carried out the training on behalf of the Goethe Institute and the Egyptian Ministry of Education in Cairo.
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