What is the difference between individual training and in-house (school) internal training?

In in-house training, an educational provider has a school train its employees to become trainers. In this case, we ask for a shapeless telephone or online request. In the case of individual training, a single interested party takes part in a training that we have announced.

How do I sign up for further training?

You fill out our registration form with the relevant details and receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail no later than 24 hours later.

When do I get my bill?

Usually 4 weeks before the start of further training by email.

Are there discount/discounts on individual education participation fees?

Yes, with (proven) unemployment and for students (tuition certificate). Please contact the bipp.

Can you give tips on how to fund social training?

Yes, but unfortunately only in general terms: School administration, school funding association, health insurance companies, youth offices, youth support, sponsors from business, in vocational schools, the local agency for work, funding of the country for the prevention of violence, Prevention councils, etc.

Do you accept educational checks or award vouchers?


When do I get a certificate after attending my trainer training at the bipp?

At the end of the practice support, you will receive the certificate as a document of complete qualification as a trainer.

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