The Bremen Institute of Education and Psychology has been known for 15 years for the development and implementation of social training as well as for the well-founded training of trainers not only throughout Germany (Austria, Belgium).

The decisive factors are, on the one hand, the renowned prevention programmes and, on the other hand, the practical and authentic communication of their application by our competent lecturers.

More and more kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as well as youth welfare recipients, institutions in the field of vocational preparation and resocialisation appreciate our effective behavioural training for the promotion of social and emotional life skills. For the appropriate application and modification of the programs in an inclusive educational landscape, we impart the know-how and the necessary skills in our training courses.


Ladnespreventive Council Lower SaxonyAll prevention programmes are designated as evidence-based programmes in the Green List Prevention issued by the Lower Saxony Regional Prevention Council.


In order to continuously develop the quality of the programmes, we are in close contact with the authors as well as the scientific consultants. They have been the only institution that authorised us to carry out certified training in their prevention programmes.

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