Lecturers & trainers

HolgerNewHolger Hecad Gods M.A. (Director of the Institute)

Born in 1969. Studied social work and social education at the Hoschool Enschede (Bachelor of Residential Social Work, 1997). Specialist in Prevention, Trainer Training FIT FOR LIFE (2007). Anti-aggressiveness ® and Coolness ® trainers (2009). Child protection specialist gem. § 8a SGB VIII (2010). Care-accompanying Master’s degree in Criminology and Police Sciences at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (2013). From 2000 to 2015, employees of the Steinfurt district youth office in special service at the Janusz Korczak School (the School of Promotion for Emotional and Social Development of the Steinfurt County). Employees in the prevention project Fit and strong for life in Steinfurt County. Since 2016, employees of the school office in Steinfurt County at the Janusz Korczak School (Stone School of Support with the main focus on emotional and social development). Lecturer: University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt; Deepening module youth and adult education; Social competence and violence prevention. Priorities:

  • Work in the funding school and in the Department of Educational Aid of the District Youth Office
  • Social skills training and violence prevention
  • Concept and quality development
  • Lectures and training in schools
  • Consulting
  • Collective advice to teachers and social workers working in the prevention project.


RbRalf Bornstedt M.A. (Director of the Institute)

Vintage 67. Studied Sociology and Art/Art Education M.A. At the University of Osnabrück (graduated in 1999) and a degree in theatre education at the University of Lingen (graduation in 2005). Trainer Training FIT FOR LIFE (2010). He has been active in various sectors of non-formal education for more than 15 years and carried out a wide range of socio-cultural children’s and youth projects. Since 2004, on behalf of the district youth ministry Steinfurt, it has been incumbent on him to coordinate the International Youth Work in the European Office, in which he conducts multilateral youth meetings as well as expert conferences. Since 2008, he has been in charge of a recognized institution of Open Children’s and Youth Work (§ 75 KJHG). In addition to his coaching activities, he is particularly active as a specialist in the design and implementation of measures within the meaning of KJFP NRW. Freelance lecturer and coach for performing game, performing communication, conflict management, social competence and violence prevention. Priorities:

  • Quality and project management
  • Project design and fundraising (LWL, JiA, IBB, foundations, etc.)
  • Implementation and development of social skills training and violent prevention measures
  • International youth work


Passport image _ Schirlitz _ AnjaDpl. Psychologist Anja Schirlitz

born 1978. Diploma psychologist (University of Jena, 2003), trainer for adult education (Thuringia Training Academy, 2002), anti-violence trainer © (BfW Kiel, 2008), QMB (DGQ, 2008), Fit for Life trainer (bipp, 2009). After her studies, Ms. Schirlitz worked as a psychologist in the fields of child and youth support (2003-2006), family education (2008) and human resources development (2004-2009). She then led a project for family-friendly human resources policy (2009). Since 09/2009, Ms Schirlitz has been a freelance trainer with a focus on social skills for children and young people, educational skills for parents and methodological skills and quality of education for pedagogical professionals. Since 2010, she has been teaching her to carry out training in evidence-based programs.



Street. Adrian Stroiwa’s M.Ed.

Born in 1982. He studied education, religious and sports education at the University of Bremen and at Bogazici University in Istanbul and graduated in 2008 with his first state exam.
During his studies, Mr. Stroiwa’s first teaching experience, outside Germany also in Poland and Turkey. His interest in education and social policy issues led him to deal with the relationship between demographic change and social peace in Germany in his exam work. Over the course of his studies, Mr Stroiwas has worked on various therapeutic facilities with behavioural children and adolescents. Against this background, his contact with the bipp was also established, for which Mr Stroiwas has been working as a trainer and lecturer (trainer) since 2008.
In 2011, Mr. Stroiwas completed his legal traineeship for the high school teacher, then worked for 3 years as a university lecturer and research assistant in the fields of sports and economics at the University of Bremen. Since 2015, Mr. Stroiwas has been working as a class teacher and special education teacher of an inclusive class at a comprehensive school in Bremen and completed an in-service master’s program in» Inclusive pedagogy «in 2017. 


_dsc7320Social worker intatin social educator Steffi Harks

was born in 1983. Social worker’s school social educator (Vechta University of Applied Sciences, 2007), Fit for Life-Trainer (bipp 2009), We are class trainer, (2009), de-escalation trainer (Villigst Academy of Violations, 2011).

MS Harks has been closely associated with the bipp since she started working. Through her school social work in the Primar – and secondary-especially in participatory and violent preventive projects-she has a multifaceted repertoire of activating methods and expertise in the field of school and education. Until 2014, she also worked as an education officer for professional – and personal orientation measures.

At present, Ms. Harks brings her expertise and passion in the outpatient children – and Youth Aid in Recklinghausen County. Since 2013, she has been working as a freelance lecturer – with a focus on “behavioural training in kindergarten,” “behavioural training for school beginners” and violence prevention in secondary students-in the bipp.



Till Wienke M.A.

Born in 1984. 2-specialist Bachelor in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Münster in Westphalia (2008), Master in Social Sciences at the University of Osnabrück (2011). Collaborative thesis on the effectiveness of violent preventive programmes in schools. Already working as a social trainer and Fit for Life trainer since 2009. Since 2011 employed as a leader in open child and youth work. Tutor in the European Voluntary Service (2013), training of youth leaders within the framework of Juleica (since 2014), expert advisor for systemic bullying intervention (2016).
Mr Wienke is now a lecturer in the “Fit for Life” and “social training at school” prevention programmes (2016).


Dipl. Psych. Anke Rehder born 1959, co-founder of the BIPP, co-author FIT FOR LIFE and social training at school. Trained in behavioural therapy for children and adolescents, systemic coaching, mediator, trauma therapist, 10 years of leadership experience. Since 2000, Hans – Wendt – Foundation has been working as a psychologist in the social therapeutic home facility for mentally ill adolescents and young adults. Freelance as an instructor and trainer in FIT FOR LIFE, expert advice and coaching, concept and quality development.
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